The Beginning

All that glitters is not gold. All that is blurred is not obscene.

This is just my perception of things. I am so elated that the long due blog has finally taken its shape and hopeful that this will mold into perfection in near future. As the title suggests, this is an attempt to look at the bright side of things in life and talk about everything and anything which provokes my thought. I am excited, scared and all set to unveil the writer in me.

There are going to be three segments of the blog. One is called Must Read – where I will be writing about beautiful and inspirational experiences happening in life. Second is called Must Watch – where I will be writing every Wednesday about one long lost good movie to watch. Third is called Must Eat – where I will be writing every Friday about delightful food that went missing from most of our sights.

Here’s to new beginnings ! Happy Reading !




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