It’s Just Another Day Girl

Okay everybody… Happy International Women’s Day. All hail girl power, gender equality, etc. etc. that everybody has been raging about since morning or the whole fricking week for that matter. So getting straight to the point, do we really need a day to embrace our femininity and make others understand our rights as women? Do we deserve a special day on our names just for the heck of it or does that really mean anything to anybody at all?

It all started with the Russian Revolution where women fought and achieved their right to vote on this particular day March 8, in that particular year 1909. They then started commemorating this day every year as a remembrance of the rebellion they had gone through and celebration of their independence ever since.

Cut to 2017, a 100+ years later, the scene is radical. There is chaos everywhere. Every where I go, every social networking website I open, there it is. Firstly nobody remembers about the right to vote revolution which marks the origin of the day. Hell, most of them do not know about it. Instead, they have fancy themes present day under the name of gender equality and feminism. I do not quite comprehend this madness that allotting one day to half of human race (i.e. us ladies) changes or improves the lives of genuine sufferers around the world. Miss, nobody needs to tell you what you are. Mainly because you know what you are and what you are capable of. And if you don’t know it, it is absolutely fine. You will discover it soon taking your own time. Nobody needs to remind you that you are unique, that your beauty and self esteem are not defined by your weight, that you deserve to be safe and independent, that it is completely your will and wish to choose your sexuality and that your freedom has no expiry date.

Women are not necessarily better than men, but they are certainly not worse either.

It is in this very fact that I believe lies the essence of true equality. Just like a cobbler is a expert in shoes and a goldsmith in gold, there are things only women are pro at while we have still have left some things for the other half of human race – men. A woman can always be a weight lifter just as a man can be a great cook. We need to get on board, putting aside our egos and accept the fact that change lies within ourselves and that it is never too late to begin the modifications. Minute amendments like respecting women from the heart not creating a pomp about existing impartiality and helping out each other grow. And this applies to both the sexes.

I am looking forward to a future where daughters are taught about liberty and individualism. I long for a day where sons are taught about true equality but not under the false pretense of feminism. I wait for a year where days like these will be remembered for their true cause and are not just jollied with unwanted elevation. Let’s dream and make it happen.


More Power To You Woman – Everyday. Peace !!


Vaishnavi Ravula.


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