Unnoticed Honor

How life assigns ‘special someones’ in their respective places perfectly is still a mystery to me !! Who decides for us accordingly that so and so ‘mamma-pappa’ are our mother and father for life? Who pre-blends the combination of our parents with us? Interestingly, the answer is we ourselves.

You wake up everyday hoping that each day would be slightly more entertaining, more easy going, more lively, more positive and above all more likely as you want it to be than yesterday. But then, you open your eyes to see your parents wishing you ‘Good Morning’, helping you get ready for college and not giving you the bus fare until you have asked for it, despite the fact that you don’t like asking fares every damn time. You believe in the weekly pocket money concept while their ideologies match the ‘use money very wisely’ quotation. Nevertheless, you ask them.

You always urge to point out the silliness behind the ‘you cannot take the bike to college though it is affordable and though we know you can drive it well’. But all you do it sulk to yourself, think alone and calm down with ’my dad only thought about my safety’. You want them to be broad minded parents but they always want to be you well wishing friends. You crave about socializing while they practice respectable grooming. You go about building up a rebellion for you deeds. They say they used to be the same but not anymore and also that we wouldn’t in the near future. They leave you to yourself, out of which emerges the innovative you and there you are at the success gate again with their help.

You look at yourself in your foresight and will be surprised that you have the discipline and manners worth praising. You would be living in a civilized way sharing with, caring for and loving your fellows, passing on what the parents gave you.

Your heart is full of pride when your mother compliments you for the silliest delicacy you learnt and savored. It makes you realize her honest encouraging spirit. You feel the warmth of your father’s fingers when you by default hold them while crossing the road. That wonderful touch reminds you of the purest care you could ever get. Such delicate moments complete life’s toughest puzzles.

The sulky me at the dawn turns to a gratitude filled me at the dusk. I set into my dream with a satisfied answer:

“It was ME who chose THEM as MINE.” Saluting all parents for slyly adjusting themselves into out stubborn lives!! Glad that the honor did not go unnoticed.


Vaishnavi Ravula.


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