Demi Concept

Hello everybody. It’s Friday and we are all set for the weekend. And weekend implies lots of leisure to relish lots of food. This weekend officially marks the onset of summer and I have decided to start off my Must Eat category with some delicious icy throat cooling food. Yeah, I am talking about ice-cream – the one cheer that is most of us are longing.

Last December, I went on a trip to Thailand and discovered this yummy ice-cream stall whose ice-creams did not melt as fast as my heart did just by looking at it. I saw one and I wanted one. And this is how it looks, for those you wondering what made me fall for it instantly.


Doesn’t this look provocative? The taste was both delightful and refreshing. This stall is called the Demi-Concept and is located at the vast food joint at The Platinum Fashion Mall. If you have been to downtown Bangkok, be sure to know about this great shopping hub – Indra Market and The Platinum Fashion Mall is right across the street to this market.

This place makes only three flavors of ice-creams – Mango, Vanilla Charcoal and a Mix of these both. As you can see in the picture, I choose the mixed flavor where the yellow cream on the right was Mango and other one in black was Vanilla Charcoal – a tastier, healthier and an overall better version of original Vanilla.

Now these are again available in three sizes, Demi Cone, Demi Cup and Big Cup, all of them being equally pocket friendly and justly yummy. My personal recommendation would be the Demi Cone as it the most decorated one with these cute mini Oreos and Choco-sticks . *winks*


If you ever go to Bangkok, you must definitely visit Indra Market for a crazy shopping experience and in turn check out this place. Its little charming set up and the strange looking ice-cream make this food truck easily spotable. If any of you has already tried this, let me know that you parallel my thoughts.

Have a safe and lovely summer you guys. Happy weekend and Happy Eating.




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