Life Is Beautiful

Hello everybody and a happy mid-day of the week. Wednesday is here and you should take a mid week movie break because I am here to help you discover a great feature for this week. Read on to know about this compassionate movie called “Life Is Beautiful“. This 1997 Italian movie is a tragic comedy drama which explores inescapable sentiments with bittersweet humor. Roberto Benigni, being the man he was, was the writer, director and lead actor of the film.


The first act of the film is a silent comedy where Benigni reminds us of Charlie Chaplin with his witty banter and amusing personality. The act glides through the pleasant sceneries of Tuscany, Italy with spontaneous humor and light hearted romance between Guido – a Jewish waiter, played by Benigni himself and Dora – a gentile teacher, played by Nicholetta Braschi – wife of Benigni.

Cut to many years later, the act is set in the period where the World War II has begun and discrimination of Jews and Non-Jews was at its peak. Guido and Dora have a 5 year old son – Joshua, who is a cusp of his beautiful mother and his smart father. Because of the Holocaust, the whole family is sent to the concentration camp, where the couple separates and the kid remains with Guido.


The movie showcases the struggles of a father, who tries to keep up his child’s hope by sheer imagination and quick wit. Although they live in the most ugliest conditions, he is not to loose faith and has to remain cheerful throughout to make it believable for Joshua. Guido is never seen losing his smile on the face, even as he encounters death.

In reality, the concentration camps do not really encourage a character like Guido, but then again, the film is not about portraying the difficulties of the camp. It is about making the most good possible in worst phases of life. The viewers are left with a slightly sad emotion, but will think about how hope is a good thing.

Here is a happy picture of the happy family for those who thought it is too sad to watch.


Okay now, winding up. I have tagged the trailer of the movie below for a quick promo. Watch the movie and let me know what you thoughts in the comments section. Share the post if you loved it. If you have already watched the movie, why not echo your understanding? Happy Watching.




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