Warm Wednesday wishes people.  Or rather, sunny luck people. All of you suffering a mid-week crisis, take a deep breath and chill because they are going to pass away just like Monday and Tuesday have. Since we have arrived at today, why not take a look at the read below and watch the flick already.

This week’s feature film is called The Fabulous Life of Amelie Poulain. This 2001 French movie is a musical rom-com depicting the whimsical life of sweet little Amelie. The film was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Audrey Tautou plays the lead role.thumbnail_poster_color-Amelie_Approved_640x360_132858947573

The movie begins with a narrative of a girl who was raised by eccentric parents who incorrectly assume that she has a heart defect and hence do not send her to school. She later leaves home, works as a waitress, lives independently and declares to herself that she would do good deeds and give out happy thoughts to people in need. Kind of like me *winks*. Halfway through, she develops feelings for a quirky guy, who has a habit of collecting rejected photos from the trash of the photo-booth and woos him with her unusual yet intriguing approach.

The movie is set in Montmartre, a beautiful little place in the city of Paris. We also get to see the charming little food booths and the exquisite life style of Parisians. Audrey will steal your heart with her ever-smiling dimpled face all through the film and her character’s daily deeds inspire you towards new life goals. The screenplay is crisp with a simple yet catchy narrative. The movie gives a fresh feeling of happiness and leaves you with a rejoicing mood that will make your day.

The film has won lots of awards and received critical appreciations. You will fall in love with Audrey Tautou‘s drama and I have personally made this my best feel-good movie till date. I had watched the movie just few days ago and I instantly regretted not watching it earlier. You will love it too.

Do not wait for the weekend to catch this flick. Watchit right away for some away-from-work time. Let me know how you loved the movie and share the joy. If you have already watched it, let’s discuss about the director and the actors and the oh-so-lovely story in the comments section. I have posted below, the link of the trailer for a quick preview. So, Happy Watching!!




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