The Imitation Game

Well, Hello everybody. Wednesday is here and so is the appraisal season all through everybody’s career. If you have received a huge performance appraisal, then congratulations. You deserve to party this weekend. If you are not on that side of the line, never mind. We all will eventually get there. To prove it to you guys, I bring you to this week’s movie, which will keep you motivated and get you going telling you that these petty things in life will pass.

This week, you have to watch this historical thriller called The Imitation Game which is not only a mood booster but also a tribute to one of the greatest cryptographers known to mankind till date – Alan Turing. 


The movie was adapted from the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma written by Andrew Hodges. It was directed by Morten Tyldum and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode in lead roles.

The film takes off with a theft at Turing’s residence, about which the policeman believes that there is more to the story and starts a detailed investigation on him. During the process, Turing describes his tenure at the Bletchley Park, where he decoded German codes during the World War 2. He, alongside a team of three other men and one lady friend – all equally amazing in cryptography – try to crack the unbreakable code machine called the Enigma.


Alan Turing, being a man of eccentric nature, is very difficult to work with initially, but later wins the other’s support with the help of his only girl friend. This man was responsible for saving close to 14 million lives during the war. But in the end, he is famed and convicted of indecency and is jailed and subjected to chemical castration for being a homosexual, which was illegal in Britain at the time. All his acumen and accomplishments go unnoticed for some very wrong reasons.

The movie has brought light on the important parts of Turing’s life and honored him truly. This had in turn triggered a petition against the Queen of England to pardon the 49,000 gay people, who had to suffer under the same law.


Cumberbatch obviously stole the show with his natural charm and flawless action. The narration of the film tops the cake with his manly voice. Keira Knightley was as beautiful and graceful as ever. The film has also received accolades and bought honor to Alan Turing at various levels.

This should definitely be on your top 50 movies to watch all time. Do take out some time and watch the movie. I have uploaded the link of the official trailer in the tags for a preview . Let me know in the comments how you liked it or why you did not like it. If you have already watched the movie, the yay!! that’s one movie to strike off your must watch list. Happy Watching!!



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