Kitchens Of Godavari

Hello everybody and happy Friday to all those working their heart out. Weekend is here and as I always say, it means lots of leisure to discover lots of food around. This week is going to be a feast for you spice lovers. So, no more waiting. Read on to find out about this mouth drooling place called ‘Kitchens of Godavari’. 


I have to tell you something upfront. I am a huge fan of spicy food, especially when the local cuisine is provoking my taste buds. Hence I had to check out this place. But trust me, this was challenging even for me. So take it as a warning before trying anything on the menu.

I personally wanted to try the assorted lunch, which is what we call in India – the Thali, since it had been a long time. Also, you will do the same when you see what you see the menu. It is called the Maha Vindu Bhojanam and the list of items is so huge that I just took a screenshot of it. Check it out.


It took large patience to read the entire thing and a larger tummy to fit all of these. I tried my level best to do justice to the entire list. All the items were equally delicious, eye-watering spicy and namely authentic. As the name says, the place specializes in the local cuisine of Godavari district and we get to hear and taste some very varied dishes.

Oh, I totally forgot about this. After we are seated, we are greeted with the traditional Panakam (jaggery and pepper mixed in right amounts in water) which is both a welcome gesture as well as acts as an appetizer. We also have the sides like Papad, Challa Mirchi and Masala Vada, which come mandatory with any dish we order. That was how the meal started. Now coming to the main menu, the best thing I liked in the starters was the Perugu Vada, which was a crisp Vada dipped in freshly churned buttermilk. In the main course, Bhagara annam with Gutti Vankaya Kura and Chaaru made my day. The icing on the cake was of course the desert called Mallepula Payasam, which was a milk pudding made of jasmine flowers.

I would suggest you guys to save a lot of space in the tummy and go to this place when you are really up for a spicy challenge. Also best time to go is during the lunch hour, which is from 12 to 2, which is when everything is fresh straight out of the stove.

This weekend, make some time and go check out the bouquet of Telugu flavors from K.O.G. preferable for a brunch. The restaurant is easily locatable on the main road of Hitech City, opposite to the landmark Trident Hotel. Visit the place and let me know what you thought. Also let me know how you passed the spice challenge and how long it took for you guys.

Let us talk all about it. Happy Eating.




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