Hello everybody and a Happy Wednesday. It is the mid-day of the week and we have welcomed the month of holidays in India. For you lucky people who are enjoying their summer break, happy holidays and happy lots-of-watching-films. And for the others like me with a routine job and no leisure, here is what you can do. You got to make some time people. Make some time for food, fun, yourself, your beloved ones and most importantly make some time to watch a mini movie.

This week, I bring to you ‘The Christopher Nolan’s’ first ever film. Following is 1998 70 minute crime drama, written, directed and produced by Nolan and stars Jeremy Theobald, Alex Haw and Lucy Russell.


The movie begins with an interrogation of a young man, who describes how and why his past-time of following people had landed him there. The young man is a writer who interests in shadowing random strangers as part of research for his work. He also sets strict rules as to who to follow and when and for how long. Not able to keep his distance from an intriguing man, he fails to abide by his own rules and falls for a criminal.

He soon gets involved in well-planned burglaries across the streets of London. He changes his looks and attitude in the process, only a little too late to find out that he had been staged for committing a murder by the stranger and his girl friend.

The movie is a psychological thriller packed with an hour full of fast forwards and flashbacks. It talks in third person as the characters are named as Young Man, Cobb, Blondie, Bald Guy and Old Man. Alex Haw perfectly plays the character of a handsome smart con-criminal and Jeremy Theobald justifies the Young Man who is cunning yet innocent, smart yet dumb. In spite of this being Nolan’s debut film, it grabs your full concentration to understand the plot. The film had brought light on Nolan for the first time and he had received accolades and appreciation to the fullest.

main-qimg-f14a7ebd26cce48ce9fdecee397aff30So why waste time? Spare an hour and watch the movie. I have tagged the trailer of the film for a quick preview. Watch the drama and let me know how you liked or why you liked it in the comments section. If you have already watched it, share this and let your friends know about Nolan’s first must watch movie.

Be safe from the sun. Happy Watching.




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