Cane Express

Hello everybody and a happy Friday to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful week and will have an even better weekend ahead. Summer is quite at its peak in Hyderabad this week and so here is me bringing you lots of options to explore around the locality. This week I bring to you a franchise which has multiple branches across the city. Also, this is going to be another summer special episode,  where you get to have slurpy drinks. Why the wait then? The place is called Cane Xpress and is located at multiple places in Hyderabad.


This place specializes in varieties of sugar cane juices.  Frankly, I did not know that this was even possible with just cane as the base element. It is a great place for health freaks. Follow the benefits chart below for your reference. Also you will be amazed at the combinations they have experimented with cane after you have seen the snap of the menu.

I visited their branch at Kukatpally and asked them to suggest their best flavor. And so, me and my friend tried these.

Kiwi Sugarcane : Was a blend of fleshly cut kiwi and chilled cane.
Litchi Sugarcane : Was a blend of freshly cut Litchi and chilled cane.
Ginger and Lemon Sugarcane : Was a blend of half cut lemon,  small bar of grated ginger and chilled cane.


All the three tasted equally good to me. Considering Kiwi was the their best suggestion,  it topped the chart. Litchi was good too,  except you must ask for a sugar-free drink to relish its natural flavor with enjoyable sweetness. The ginger and lemon was my personal favorite with a touch of tangy, less sweet and cinnamony savor.

As I mentioned above, these outlets are spread across the city. I have tagged their Zomato profiles for the addresses. Check out the place and have some healthy chilled drinks through the summer. Also let me know how you liked it in the comments section. If you have already tried it,  spread the taste, spread the relish. Happy drinking.



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