Into The Wild

Hello all and a happy movie day. It is the third day of the week already and I am back with another Must Watch movie. So let’s get straight to the point. This week I bring to you lots of serene scenes and major travel goals through this flick. The movie is called Into The Wild. Directed by award-winning actor cum director Sean Penn, the movie stars the very young and talented Emile Hirsch in the lead role.


The movie is a beautifully screen-played biopic based on the travel stories of Christopher McCandless, written by John Krakauer. The film gives us a preview of all the amazing scenic locations of North America and majorly Alaska.

The movie begins with Chris writing his travel notes after he reaches Alaska. He finds an abandoned bus, calls it the Magic Bus and starts living there all alone by himself. He stocks food for the coming few months and explores the freedom of living in the wild. The film is divided into four parts namely – his birth, adolescence, family, and wild.

Chris believes that all monetary and materialistic pleasures in life make a person cover his true identity and heads out in search of freedom and true happiness. He gives away all his life savings into charity right after grauation and leaves home abrubtly. He constantly reads books making that his survival channel. During his travels, he discovers new friends and family and tastes love. Most importantly, he discovers the joy of nature and finds peace within it. Towards the end, when the nature is harsh on him, he dies a slow painful death and understands that happiness is only real when shared. 

e55f62d4e3dffe0a68bcd22e89a84044The movie gives you great life lessons. Especially in a world where everybody is mad about earning and spending, this film brings you a reality check about how much of it is actually worth. Emile Hirsch blends into the role naturally and the narration and screen play of the movie make us stick to the seat.

Make some time and go watch the movie and feel it. Let me know what you thought or how you liked it in the comments section. If you have already watched it, watch it again. It is good to have these reality checks once in a while. Happy Watching.




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