Eat Talk Chill Maggi Point

Hello everybody and a happy weekend. It is Fri-yay and I am all excited about this post. This dish has been a hunger savior for most of us. Does not take long time to cook. Gives a desi flavor of wiggly woggly noodles. Does that ring a bell? Yes, I am talking about Maggi. And I am talking about this place which specializes in almost 15 varieties of this little dish – Eat Talk Chill Maggi Point.


So there is this place in KPHB 5th phase, which has very recently opened up and has been serving as an appetite salvation to most of the students from the JNTU College or the neighboring ones ever since. Now the place is not fully established and they are trying various experiments with Maggi, but the food so far is good. Remember how we always watched the advertisements for Maggi and thought about how we never get it to look as delicious and fluffy as it looks in the ad? These guys have somehow managed to do it.


They offer about 15 varieties of Maggi ranging from Paneer, Mixed Vegetable, Cheese, Extra Cheese, Chicken, Spicy BBQ and many more. I had 2 from the list.

Spicy Paneer Maggi: This was a rich combination of generously cut, large amounts of paneer, some mini veggies like peas, carrots, chillies and potatoes cutely cut, with Maggi as the base. The spicy was apt, the veggies were crisp and the paneer was fresh. Overall, a good grab.

Cheesy Maggi: This, as the name suggests was a load of lots of cheese with Maggi again as the base, sprinkled with jalapenos and onions. I loved it for the obvious reasons of excessive cheese.

I know that some of you might think of Maggi as something which is not eaten outside, but why not? After all, it is a great budget friendly filling option, not to mention, easily preparable. I suggest students and lazy pandas to go and try these varieties. Each order costs about 50 bucks and the place is open till late in the night. Go ahead, try it and let me  know what you thought in the comments section. Feel free to write to me what you ordered and how you liked it. Happy Eating.




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