Love Actually

Hello everybody and welcome to this Wednesday. It is that time of the year where things are moving ahead but are also stagnant, jobs are interesting yet boring and pastimes keep calling for attention. So heed to these fancy pastimes, sit back and relax. While you are at it, why not treat yourself with a good movie. This week I bring to you romance, rather a series of love stories.


This movie is called ‘Love Actually‘. This 2003 rom-com is a must watch for many reasons. One, it has brought too many amazing actors on one screen. Two, it talks about love and other great positive feelings. And three, it is one of the very few British – English movies, which has experimented on scripts with multiple story lines.

Known for his simple love plots, Richard Curtis has directed the film and it a whole bunch of versatile actors like Alan Rickman, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley and many more. The film spins off with a countdown of 5 weeks before Christmas and progresses with twists and turns as they approach closer to the date.

There are ten stories of varied individuals happening in parallel in the busy beautiful city of London. David is the newly elect Prime Minister who falls for his household staff member Natalie impressed by her cute and caring charm. Harry and Karen are a married couple with kids and troubles start when Harry is attracted to his secretary, Mia’s overtly luscious attitude towards him. Billy is an arrogant singer struggling to give a #1 theme song for X-Mas. Jamie is a writer who prefers to live in solitude during which he falls for his Portuguese house keeper, even though they do not have a common language to express mutual feelings. Juliet, Peter and Mark experience a love triangle when Juliet and Peter get married and Mark, the best man falls in love with Juliet. Daniel is grief-stricken about the death of his beloved wife but is also concerned about his stepson Sam, who is in love with his American classmate Joanna and does not know how to express it. Sarah is a devoted one side lover to Karl, but is not ready to share the same as she has to take care of his mentally ill brother. John and Judy meet each other while working as body doubles for sex scenes, get comfortable and eventually fall for each other. Colin is a dumb witted guy, who is convinced that his Britishness is an asset and that it would help him get laid if he moved to the USA. Rufus is a salesman at a jewellery store whose obsession for wrapping gifts plays a past in turning the plots of other stories.

You must watch the movie to enjoy the twists and turns of the tale. All the characters in the movie are portrayed with great timing and mature acting. the screenplay makes it gripping. The music is quite catchy too. I have tagged the trailer of the film for a quick promo. Go watch the movie and enjoy. Also like and let me know what you thought in the comments sections below. Also, the sequel of the movie is releasing next week. So I have tagged that as well. Happy Watching.




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