Hello everybody and a happy Friday to all you hard workers, students and people not from these two categories. Well well,  it is the dawn of the weekend and I am ready with my second feast for the season. Now this one does not have spice challenges like the last one. So read on and definitely grab it.

The place is called Bhojanam and is located at the ground floor of the Forum Sujana Mall in Kukatpally,  JNTU area. It has been quite some time since they opened and they are in full swing of the business. The nativity is from Rajamundry of Andhra region and is truly authentic.



The place offers only a thali option be it vegetarian or non vegetarian. After you have booked your table and settled down, there begin the honors. You are served with a huge plate full of varied dishes ranging from starters to desserts depending on the menu of the day. The day I went had the following menu.


I started with perugu vada and instantly fell for the entire thali. Then came the pesara punugulu and papad followed by the main course which was capsicum rice,  methi puri with curry and rice with almost 7 varieties of curries you can see above.

The highlights were the perugu vada, pesara punugulu, ulli rings capsicum rice, pachi pulusu and mysorepak. Also I forgot the mention the main one. The food is unlimited. So any item you like, you can eat it as much as you want under very pleasant ambience and comfortable waiters who keep you relaxed and let you enjoy your leisure. One more thing that attracted me was the music. The place plays great tracks  in both Hindi and Telugu, maintaining high spirits of their customers. And all for what? Just and just 250 bucks inclusive of taxes. Fills the tummy and doesn’t fill a hole in the pocket and relaxes you mood with good music. Now that is what I call a good deal.


I think that is enough reason for checking out the place. Then why the wait? I have tagged the Zomato review of the place and the rest is tempted by the pictures I guess. Go there, eat well and come back satisfied. Thank me later. Also like and let me know what was the menu for the day and what pictures you took in the comments section.
Happy Dining.



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