Stranger Than Fiction

Well well, Wednesday is here and so am I with yet another fascinating movie to watch. I call this one fascinating because it is full of fiction and unpredictable turns. This American comedy – tragedy – drama was released in 2006 and is called Stranger Than Fiction.


Directed by Marc Foster and produced by Lindsay Doran, the film stars Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Gyllenhaal is lead roles. The story begins with Harold’s dull life in Chicago, which is directed by his wristwatch. He has a cyclic schedule which runs by the tick ever since his last girlfriend has left him. One fine unexpected day, Harold hears a voice which is narrating his daily life and is unable to communicate back. The same day, he happens to meet Ana, a baker, and develops feelings for her. Also the same day, his wrist watch stops working and he tries to reset it. At that moment he hears the voice giving him a prediction that this act of his is fatal and would result in death. He starts to worry and consults a literature expert.


In parallel Karen is a writer who is writing a story with the character’s name as Harold. She is stuck at the part where she has to kill Harold and is experimenting on how to. Halfway through the movie, she realises that every time she types a period, Harold experiences what she has written. Horrified by this, she confronts Harold and tells him about his death scene. The movie ends with a twisted anthropomorphism.


Harold’s character played by Will Ferrell is entertaining, comic and relatable. The series of events happening in his life and the right timely narration voice keep us glued till the end. The movie is dramatic, goofy and a must watch. It brings perspective on the unpredictability of life. I have tagged the trailer of the movie for a quick preview. Sit back, watch it and have fun. Also like and talk about it in the comments sections. Happy Watching!!




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