Krishna Restaurant – Fremont

Hello there and a happy weekend. It is Friday and we got to welcome the spirit of the weekend already. Why not start with a good note? And what can be a better thought than the thought of yummy tummy fillings. For all you people who have been complaining about me checking out places only from Hyderabad, here you go. This one is for all you people living in the USA, especially call you home-sick Indians in California.30540_419874855521_2300848_nThe place is called Krishna Restaurant and is located in the bay area of California, i.e. right beside the Fremont Blvd bus stop. So visiting the place should not be a problem. The place is owned by a very warm Gujarati couple, who like their names (Raj and Shobana) are very Bollywood and specialize in all local dishes of Gujarat as well as authentic North-Indian dishes. The place also outlets Indian homemade ready to eat snacks like Dal Moot, Moong Dal, Chana Panthia, Chakli, Ful Vadi, etc.


When you visit the place, you must check out these two options.

Gujarati Thali: This thali, just like its looks, is super-duper flavor-some at the same time extremely filling. It comprises of a piece of Dhokla with green Chutney, Chole with Chapati, Dry curry, Masala Curry and Kadhi with Plain rice ending with a sweet of the day. I can’t and won’t say anymore. Being the fan that I am of Gujarati food, I thoroughly enjoyed the plate. This entire scene you see here costs about $5.50. Yay!!

o (1)

Methi Theplas: These fine-looking Theplas were grabbed on the way to the office by my cousin. They come with a combination of Dahi and Mirchi ka Achar. Now that, I call the traditional way of remembering India. This packs of 4 costs about $2.50. Woah !!


The place offers quick, hot, fresh and tasty packs to grab on the go. They also offer special delicacies during Indian festivals like Undhiyu, Fafda, Mohanthal, Boondi Laddu, Coconut Barfi and many more. It has a wide range of menu and they also undertake catering and home deliveries. You have seen the pictures. You have the website and the reviews tagged. You have seen the cost. I see no reason for you to wait anymore. Next time you are in or around the area, make sure you stop by and check out the place. Trust me, you will love it. Happy Dining!!




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