Hello to all you busy people out there. It is Wednesday and I am just not in the mood to work. My week this time was probably inspired by the sloth, since it is running at that pace. I needed action. I needed drama. I needed thrill. And I also needed a tinge of social responsibility to keep me motivated. These filters accurately point to the movie that we will talk about today. The movie is called ‘Abhilasha’. 

maxresdefault (1)

This 1983 Telugu movie was directed by the popular director A Kodandarami Reddy and stars mega actors like Chiranjeevi, Radhika and Rao Gopal Rao. The film is a gripping thriller with a take on abolishing death penalty and was an adaptation of Yendamuri Veerendranath’s novel with the same name.

The movie takes off with a struggling lawyer, played by and as Chiranjeevi, who gets to meet a renowned criminal lawyer accidentally and expresses his idea of removing Section IPC 302. Intrigued by the cause, Sarvothama Rao extends his interest and they come up a plan of staging a fake murder and receiving a death sentence. The plan was to rescue Chiranjeevi by bringing the right evidence at the right moment just before the hanging, such that the intensity and seriousness are rightly understood by the Supreme Court. Things take a turn when Rao meets with an accident on the rescue night. Later, Chiru is saved at the last minute by his love interest, Archana.

Cut to the second half of the movie, further dwelling into the actual death of the fake murder, they realise the depth and discover that it was indeed a murder. Now who does it and why is for you to watch the movie. The film ends with a provoking speech from Chiranjeevi about death penalty on how it is not really a punishment for the crime and why we need to abolish it.


The movie is a must watch for many reasons. The plot is bold and focuses on right issues skipping unnecessary commercial details. The music has been the blockbuster for that decade and when you listen to it, you will instantly agree too. The actors have all done fair justice to their roles and all you Telugu audience, you will not be able to imagine any other actor for the respective roles. Needless to say, this has been a break through movie for all the actors, especially for Chiranjeevi. His comedy timing, intense facial expressions and innocent romance steals the show. Overall, the movie has the right emotions and right screenplay at the right time. Well, that is too many rights I guess. Still, thats what made the movie right.

Me, being a huge Chiru fan, have already watched it many many times. You should too. I have tagged the YouTube link for the movie. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a link with subtitles in English. Still searching. Let me know if you find one for the non-Telugu readers. Watch it and we will talk about it in the likes and comments sections. Happy Watching!!




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