Jagapathi Pan

Hello all you weekenders. Lol, strange word to coin I guess. This weekend has been a long weekend for all the Hyderabadis, thanks to the Telangana Formation Day. Happy Formation Day to fellow state-mates by the way. That said, we have more leisure this time to explore the local flavors. One such seasoning is the unique Jagapathi pan.


This pan is available only and only at the Chaitanya Food Court in KPHB, near Malaysian township. Before getting into the details, I will give you a little peak of its history. This originated about 60 years ago in the Pamarru village in Krishna district. Within no time, its unparalleled flavor won the hearts of almost all neighboring areas and soon grew to be a small cottage industry of its own. Years later, the inventor’s son had started a hotel in Hyderabad – the Chaitanya Food Court that is and accordingly this original pan is made available only here. The food court is also a class apart in their varieties, especially in the veg and non-veg biryanis. Coming to the pan, it costs about 25 bucks and is complimentary with the meal on Sundays.

Now this Jagapathi pan is a mixture of 35 ingredients like nutmeg, betel nut, clove, cardamom, kankola, cherry, tutti fruity, etc. which bring an uncommon chewing gummy flavor trailing the tongue for a while and a blast of freshness in the mouth for a long time. It is storable and remains fresh for about 2 days too.

So all you pan lovers, do consider this seriously and make a visit to the place and enjoy the zest. Also like and let me know what you thought in the comments section. Happy Eating!!




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