Tea – Live From The Nilgiris

Hey, Hello and Namaskaram. I wish you guys have an amazing weekend just like mine. This post is coming up right from the Nilgiris mountain range. Thats right, I am in Kerala and while I was here,  I did a lot of homework for you guys. First up this week is the best suggestion, which brings us to Chai.

Good,  fresh,  aromatic and extremely flavor filled tea. The one you see in the pictures in live from the plantations. The tea plantations in Munnar are a huge hit since a hundred years and will continue to be henceforth. These hill plantations are called Kanan Devan Hill Plantations and these now work under the authority of Tata Tea. They are currently about 12000 employees working day in and day out to bring out the prefect blend of grounded tea leaves. Since, Munnar is also famous for its spice plantations, these teas come in varied flavors – like ginger,  masala,  cardamom, lemon, etc.

The tea you see here is cardamom tea in the paper cup and the one in the cup and saucer is the ginger masala tea. Both were exceptional in taste and come with a combination of fresh banana bajji. The spices were clearly tangible and the burst of cardamom in the mouth just makes you want more of it. Overall, I tried to relish it as and when possible. Further,  I did not waste time in going to the sales outlet of the plantations and got one pack each of all four varieties. All the others who have tasted this echo my opinion truly.

So the next time you take a trip to Kerala,  make sure you visit Munnar’s tea plantations and grab this exotic tea for sure. You could have a mini best version of it when you be my guest at Hyderabad. You are all invited. And don’t forget to subscribe to E-mails to receive my posts directly via mail and let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Happy Sipping!!




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  1. Kamala Buddhavarapu says:

    Excellent description. Reading this makes me want to have tea immediately. Thank you for weekly posts and enjoy the rest of your trip.


    1. Thank you aunty. It was a great trip. 🙂


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