Annie Hall

Hey people and welcome to Must Watch movies every Wednesday. I had a very good start for the week with my birthday, with lots of wishes, pleasant surprises and good blessings. So I was feeling very positive and light and would like to pass on the same to you guys with this movie. One of the critically best acclaimed movie in the era of color cinemas. The movie is called Annie Hall.


This 1977 film was written and directed by the very famous, very versatile and very witty Woody Allen and he also plays the lead role along with Diane Keaton. The movie is a romantic comedy which starts with Alvy, played by Allen, narrating his misfortunes in life with women. He tries to analyse the reasons for the failure of his relationships. Alvy is a comedian by profession and often uses humor to describe his pessimistic opinions on life. He believes that the world is divided into horrible and miserable people and cannot tolerate not watching a movie from end to end.

With this attitude he ends up having two failed marriages in spite of which, he falls for a third girl named Annie Hall. Annie is an upcoming singer who is vibrant and beautiful. She meets Alvy through a friend and falls for his overly expressive nature and unique interests. She later dislikes him for the very same reasons for which she initially fell. They try their level best to give it a shot but fall apart in the end.

The duo was a huge hit in the movie with Allen’s prompt sense of humor and Keaton’s naturally blending character. Apparently, the character of Annie Hall was specially written for Keaton. More than the story, the screenplay is what makes the movie worth watching. It has a series of recurring flashbacks with some part of the scene dedicated to Alvy’s imagination which is shown aptly. At random through the movie, Allen looks right at the camera and tries to make a point directly to the audience. I mean, that kind of screenplay was totally new for a 1977 movie. The film is set up entirely in New York and gives us an insight of the lifestyle in those times. The fashion statements from Diane Keaton were a huge trend. With all these plus sides, the film has won several awards including four Oscars and four BAFTA Awards.


So why the wait, watch the movie and let me know what you thought in the comments sections. I have tagged the trailer for a quick preview. Make some time this week, watch it, like, comment, share and subscribe. Happy Watching!!




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  1. SkyHigh says:

    is there a must read book in your neck of the world?


    1. Hi there, thank you for your comment and interest in my blog :). And yes, I am planning on starting the must read category very soon. I will keep you posted. Do subscribe for the latest updates.


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