The Traditional Kerala Meal

Hello everybody and wish you a happy weekend. The monsoon has set heavily in Hyderabad and the city is full of moisture, mud and mess. But that is okay, since just last week I had a perfect getaway from the city to the beautiful, blossoming and amazingly fresh nature friendly Kerala. I was at Kochi, Munnar and Alleppey where I got to see the most amount of freshness and greenery than I had ever in my life. So this week also, I am going to continue my Kerala edition of food diaries. This week I bring to you Kerala’s ever famous, always available full meals. 


The meal looks like this when served. I mean, that is great start now, isn’t it? Now I will try to remember and describe each of the items in clockwise order starting from curd which is easy to identify. Oh but before that, I should probably tell you also all the items have coconut has the main ingredient, so I will not mention it in the descriptions. Instead I will, if it is not present. On the right of curd is the pickle made out of coconut, peanuts and mango. Next is the onion raitha, which they eat in plain rice itself. Next on the plate was my favorite one, which I actually asked for a second serve, the tangy, coconuty and lingering curd curry with okra. Next the traditional coconut chutney which we get for all the idlis and dosas. Next is the famous Kerala rasam, made of tamarind and lot of spices. Next is also a Kerala delicacy found only in the state, which is the spicy buttermilk made of carrots, tomatoes, okra and coconut powder. Next in line is the fried dal, which was okay. Following that is again the traditional Kerala sambar made of mixed vegetables and unexplainable amounts of coconut powder, which definitely adds to the flavor. Next is the dessert that they made from powdered rice, more like a porridge topped with dry fruits, following which are the masala curry for the combination of chapatis and beetroot fry. Last one is the mango chutney. All of these come in combination with fat boiled rice and a papad along the side.


This plate of meals is available in almost all the restaurants, but I ate it at a place very famously recommended by our driver, which is called Hotel GuruBhavan. The entire meal costs just 70 rupees believe it or not and is obviously unlimited. I had a gala time eating this feast as and when possible. Especially the okra curd chutney.

So if you ever go to Munnar, make sure you visit this place. It is right in the center of the town and has a good ambiance. That is it from my side for this week folks. Let me know what you thought about it in the likes and comments sections. Also don’t forget to share and subscribe to my e-mails. Happy Dining !!




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