Aha Naa Pellanta

Well, well, well, I don’t know where to begin. I am trying to contain my excitement while I write about this movie. You see, I have forgotten my usual routine of wishing you guys a happy Wednesday. Thats how in the mood I am. This week, you all will have one hell of a hilarious and laughter filled day if you venture on this read and experiment watching this one in a decade movie. The movie is called Aha Naa Pellanta.


Now why so much hype you ask? I will tell you why. First, I have to talk about the director. He is Jandhyala Subramanya Shastri, popularly known has Haasya Brahma by all his fans. This Padma awardee has played a vast role in bringing comedy genre movies to Telugu film industry. The current movie in discussion is one such epic, born from his ink. The movie is an out-and-out clean comedy which is not only difficult to write but also must have the right audience to understand the true essence of the play.

The movie stars Kota Srinivas Rao, Rajendra Prasad , Rajini and Brahmanandam in lead roles. This 1987 movie revolves around the character of a typical miser, played by Kota. Laxmipathy is downright greedy and selfish and cares only and only about money and nothing else. His daughter falls for Krishna Murthy (played by Rajendra Prasad), who is a city boy and the son of the famous industrialist Satyanarayana, who is in turn the childhood friend of Laxmipathy. Troubles arise when Krishna Murthy has to convince Laxmipathy to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. He takes up an extremist avatar of a miser to trick Laxmipathy into liking him. After two hours of tactful pranks and witty conversations in the movie, he finally succeeds in winning the love of his life.

The images give you a peak of the level of voracity played by the character. He convinces himself and others that they could save money by wrapping newspapers at night instead of using night-clothes. He also tries to enjoy chicken by staring at a live hung chicken while eating plain rice. One more such example is where he tries to pretend to be a beggar for money in his free time. The chemistry between the character and his helpless servant and his constant disappointment with his master’s never-ending tantrums makes it worth while. The typical characteristic traits that the writer has given to each one truly make the movie a classic, whilst making each of the characters memorable till date.

The film just does not do its bit by giving us two and half hours of comedy. It also talks in deeper levels about what money can make a man into. Since the movie is from the 80s, we also get a peak of the authentic lifestyles and mentalities of Indian villages in those times. At the same time, the screenplay wins by also showing us the modern trends from the same decade from all the city scenes. The movie also marks the debut of the versatile actor, Brahmanandam. He could not have asked for a better launch of his career considering his classic character of Ara Gundu Govindu.


The poster here says, “Laugh, Make Laughter, Laughter is Healthy!!”. Listen to the poster and go for it. You will thank me later for prescribing this movie. This might also come in hand for times when you are dull and with a heavy heart. I have tagged the Youtube link to watch the movie. Also like and comment in the comment sections to let me know what you thought about this blog or how you loved the movie. Happy Watching !!




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