Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

Hey everybody, welcome to movie nights on Wednesdays. The usual updates on Hyderabad go as follows. The city is still stagnated with traffic everywhere, because of rains. Some movies have released in the past week, which are not running well. Oh, the plus sides now – people have stopped complaining about the drizzles and have started enjoying them. There is sale going on in every shopping mall and Ramzan was a huge hit and was celebrated at a grandeur. Coming back to our topic, this week, lets watch fiction.


The movie is called Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. This 1989 movie is called comic science fiction directed by Joe Johnston and stars Rick Moranis, Amy O’Neill, Robert Oliveri, Thomas W Brown and Jared Rushton in lead roles. Now most of us do not know the actors by their names , but all the readers born before 90s will associate with the actors and the ones after, have probably seen them elsewhere too.

Wayne is a scientist, who is working on inventing a ray-gun which helps in shrinking objects to miniature versions such that they become easy to port. All his attempts continuously fail and the machine just keeps blowing things. Nick and Amy are Wayne’s kids and Russ and Ron are their neighbours. One day, amidst their mischief, they trigger the ray-gun and it shrinks them all as the title suggests. Meanwhile, frustrated with his failure, Wayne comes back home to destroy his machine and trashes the ray-gun not knowing about the kids. They kids are then sweeped away with the trash and dumped into the garbage can at their backyard.

Cut to the second half, the kids face all kinds of adventures with the huge ants in the grass and experience an earthquake with the lawn mower. They walk miles on their lawn, for their size, to reach inside their house and try to communicate the same to their dad. After reaching home, they see that their parents have noticed the issue and are on search for them. Even while inside, they face other treats like their dog trying to eat them like they were bugs and Nick ends up in a bowl of Cheerios and almost gets eaten by Wayne. All ends well when the kids manage to communicate what happened and are finally brought back to their normal sizes and Wayne successfully invents the shrinking ray-gun. How that happens is for you to watch.

The movie became an unexpected hit in the 90s and eventually had become a must watch for all the kids. My father made us watch the movie when it first aired on TV. Me and my brother were little and we had thoroughly enjoyed the film and its imaginative concept. The movie has a fantasy touch to it and the level of detailing the director has attended to is worth appreciating. So make some time this week and live your childhood once more. Those who have watched the movie will agree to the review. Those who have not, watch it and let me know how you liked it or what you thought about it. I have tagged the YouTube trailer for a quick preview. Watch it and talk about it in the likes and comments section. Happy Watching.!!




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