Beijing Bistro

Hi, Hello and Welcome back!! Happy Friday to you foodies. Embracing this fresh and green weekend in Hyderabad, I am back with yet another stop for you hungry explorers. This time lets talk in Thai, Malay or Chinese. Lol, I mean let’s have their food. It has been quite some time since I fed on some yummy dumplings or swirly Soya sauced noodles. So I stopped by this placed called Beijing Bistro.


The place is located on the main road opposite to JNTU College in Kukkatpally, adjacent to Rythu Bazaar in Hyderabad. This joint has opened just about a month back and is still at its start. These people have somehow managed to acquire this huge space amidst the tiny market. The ambiance is pretty decent with great lighting and good fragrance accompanied by pleasant music. When I was there, I just asked them to get the chef’s favourite in vegetarian options and here is what I got.


This drink is called Beijing Bistro special sunrise. The bottom most layer is a strawberry pulp followed by the next layer of mango puree finally adding lemonade for a beverage effect. The look was definitely appealing as you can see and so was the taste. Slightly excessive sweetness but I did not mind that.


Next came the starters, which were the classic vegetarian steamed dumplings. Now these were, I can say, one of the best ones I have tasted so far. They were just the right amount of soft, rightly steamed and rightly peppered. These came with a side sauce of garlic and tomato, correctly in proportion to match the steamed veggies.


Next up was the main course, which was obviously noodles. These are called Lee Fu Noodles. Lee Fu apparently is a mixture of all green veggies, like green leaves like basil and cabbage mixed in a paste of capsicum and coriander. Well the taste was new and not so bland like the usual Chinese main courses. So I fell for it.

The place also offers Thai and Malay cuisines, which I am planning to back and check out. Will keep you posted on those too. Meanwhile, I see that there is a lot of shopping sales going on in and around the malls in Kukkatpally. So if you happen to be there, visit Beijing Bistro and their friendly chef for a wholesome Chinese meal. Oh, I forgot mention. I got all this for around 500 rupees only. Check it out and let me know what you tried and how you felt in the likes and comments section. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my blog via E-mail where you can get my blog directly to your mailbox. Happy Dining!!




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