Nil Battey Sannate

Namaste doston and welcome to Wednesday. Modi is on the alliance tour and India is full of news. Let us hope it all works out in our favor. While he is busy hopping from one longitude to the other, we are bored at home. Aren’t we? Enter Must Watch Wednesdays. This week like every time I am here with a thoughtful movie called Nil Battey Sannate.


The movie was released about more than a year ago and was directed by a debutant Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. The movie stars upcoming versatile actress Swara Bhaskar and Ria Shukla in lead roles along with Ratna Pathak and Pankaj Tiwari in supporting roles. The title translates to the slang “Good For Nothing“. But it is an analogy that all things “good for nothing” can actually be fit for everything given the right will power.

The movie revolves around a maid and her daughter who share an eternal bond of love but have conflict of interests in matters of education. Chanda is a hard-working maid who aspires to see her daughter as an IAS officer. Apu on the other hand has somehow managed to reach high school with very bad credits. Her interests lie in passing the time watching TV series and dancing to Bollywood songs. Upon seeking advice from her employer, Chanda tries to instil the value of education to Apu to which she reverts back saying that a maid’s daughter will become a maid only and nothing else should be expected of her.


Cut to the second half, disappointed with her daughter’s remark, Chanda enrolls herself in the same school as Apu and joins as her classmate keeping their relation a secret at school. She puts a condition that if Apu excels in Maths, she will quit coming to school and free her of all the embarrassment that she caused. The movie ends with Apu realizing that anything is attainable with the right will power, commitment and dedication and that education does not prioritize over rich class or poor class and is reachable to anyone with a willing mind to learn.


The movie has won several awards and received critical appreciations from one and all. Although the movie is a social message, it can also be classified as comedy. The scenes between the mother-daughter duo have a good sense of humor showcasing how love functions in the indigent class alongside. So why the wait? Watch it and enjoy the emotional ride. I have tagged the trailer of the movie for a quick preview. Let me know how you liked it or what you thought about it in the likes and comments section. Also subscribe to E-mails to receive posts directly to your mail. Happy Watching!!




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