Well hello everybody and welcome to movie nights on Wednesdays. This week started with me getting sick and ending up skipping work. It also started with an exciting news about which I will tell you very soon. To balance out all the sickness and excitement, I drowned myself in an emotional melodrama, which brings us to the topic in question. The movie this time is Shamitabh.


This 2015 movie was directed by the one and only ever famous for touching movies Mr. R Balki and stars two major versatile actors, one representing the South and the other North India – Dhanush and Amitabh Bachan respectively. The movie also debuts Akshara Hassan – daughter of legendary actor Kamal Hassan and the music was given by the maestro – Ilayaraja himself.

The story portrays the character of a mute kid, who has immense passion towards films and the film industry. Danish is born mute but is in love with the movie world and always dreams of becoming an actor despite his disability. With the same love, he leaves to Mumbai, and tries to get the attention in Film City through various means. He fails terribly but is noticed by Akshara whose father is a surgeon, who introduces to Danish the concept of “Live Voice Transfer Technology”. They embed a micro-reader in his throat and give him ear-pieces which enable him to communicate with a “borrowed” voice. After the surgery, they find the perfect voice for his personality, which Amitabh’s – a failed actor in the industry. They pair up with the screen name Shamitabh and create magic on the screen keeping the big secret among the three.


Cut to the second half, stardom takes over Danish and he starts treating Amitabh as a servant. Feuds rise between Danish and Amitabh as the latter feels neglected and believes that his voice is as important – if not more – to Danish than his acting talent. They split up and experiment with separate movies where Danish plays a mute character and Amitabh tries to dub for another actor – both films fail. They realize the value of one another and bring out their secret to the public. After the press release, tragedy strikes them as Danish dies and Amitabh’s larynx is damaged in an accident. The movie ends with a tragic scene of dearest Amitabh practising scenes in front of Danish’s grave, imagining that he is alive.


I am never the one to usually choke because of movies, but let me tell you – this one definitely let out some tears  from my eyes. The movie is full of emotional drama where each vibration like anger, jealousy, happiness, amazement, sadness and ego are clearly depicted. Balki sure brings out the best in his actors, but his combination with Big B and Danush is what makes it totally worth watching. The music, I need not say, is excellent coming from the maestro himself. We also get to hear Amitabh sing after a long time. As for Danush’s acting, there is a reason why he was chosen amongst all of the big stars. Additionally, Akshara does a fair job for a debutant. Watch the movie and you will agree too. I have tagged the trailer of the movie for a quick preview. Watch it, like it and talk about it in the likes and comments section. Hope you guys like it. Happy Watching !!




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  1. Kamala Buddhavarapu says:

    Your writing makes it inteeesting. Is it available on netflix ?


    1. Unfortunately it is not available on Netflix.


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